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Our refurbishment centre remanufactures, on average, 8,000 units per month with capacity to handle up to 15,000 units during peak periods.

Our technicians perform full diagnostic testing, data cleansing and restoring to factory default settings on all refurbished items.

A dedicated team of technicians, cleaners and packers ensures that all refurbished products are remanufactured to a Grade A (as new) or Grade B (slight cosmetic blemishes) condition to achieve the best possible yield. All irreparable electronic failures are cannibalised for spares to maximise the yield.
In addition to refurbishing, we scan & screen products for faults and can provide brand owners / manufacturers with industry recognised IRIS codes to identify any common or inherent fault.

On a adhoc basis we screen & supply cosmetically perfect products to be used as display models by major trade accounts reducing the manufacturers cost compared with supplying either brand new or dummy items.

All electronic scrap is disposed of responsibly in accordance with the WEEE directive.