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Mobile Handset and Tablet Recycling


At CAT Ltd, we take pride in the services that we provide to our customers. The world’s leading manufacturers of electrical and electronic products are becoming increasingly aware of their responsibility for the complete life-cycle management of the equipment they place on the market.

CAT Ltd work in partnership with our clients to ensure that all their environmental requirements for the collection, processing, recycling and disposal of their Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is carried out in an environmentally sound manner. CAT Ltd is quickly becoming one of the phone industry’s most successful environmental recycling companies.

CAT Ltd has developed processes to recover, refurbish for re-use and redistribute mobile phones and their ever increasing list of related accessories.

The Benefits

The benefits from choosing CAT Ltd as your preferred partner for your environmental recovery and disposal needs are clear. We operate an “open book” policy with all our clients.
We utilise our existing multi channel distribution network to recover the very best revenue from the recovered product processed by CAT Ltd. By operating in this way CAT Ltd are able to provide added value to the product to not only cover our own costs but also to increase the revenue return for our clients.

This complete managed service provides total reassurance for all our customers that their product is being processed in a professional and completely environmentally compliant manner. This allows our clients to concentrate on their own world class operations confident that CAT Ltd are providing a world class solution for their end of life and excess product lines protecting their much respected brand name.

Full Diagnostic Testing

Thorough Data Cleansing

CAT have been buying and selling mobiles & smartphones for many years now and give all our Mobile & Smartphones a 30+ point inspection before they can be given our CAT Certified Approval.
Data cleansed and inspected by fully qualified engineers that then approve the Mobile or Smartphone for the CAT Certified. The CAT Certified procedure will ensure:

  • Data cleansed and restored to factory settings
  • All features fully tested
  • Smooth intact touch screen functionality
  • Available on all networks
  • Value for Money.
  1. Device powers On and Off normally
  2. Power button functions
  3. Silence toggle/button works
  4. Volume button works
  5. Devices is genuine
  6. SIM card tray can be inserted and read
  7. Serial & IMEI numbers are correct
  8. Headphone socket works
  9. Device charges normally
  10. Device recognised via USB and data transfers
  11. microphone works and records sound clearly
  12. Voice commands are recognised
  13. Home button functions smoothly
  14. Fingerprint recognition works (if available)
  15. Connects to the internet
  16. Makes & receives calls
  17. Device is data cleansed
  18. Touchscreen functions fluidly
  19. Glass is free of damage
  20. Backlit is bright
  21. No dead pixels
  22. Deceive looks perfect
  23. Device is cleaned
  24. Earpiece is crystal clear
  25. Loudspeaker is loud and clear
  26. WiFi operates
  27. GPS works well
  28. Front camera takes great photos
  29. Front camera video is recording and is clear and crisp
  30. Rear camera captures great sharp images
  31. Auto focus works well
  32. Video recording is smooth and clear
  33. LED flash works

SIM Free Smartphones

We have many routes to market for refurbished mobile phones – one of which is Telephones Online, a UK based online merchant selling a full range of SIM Free Smartphones and Devices at huge discounted prices all with 12 Months Warranty.

ISO27001 Standard Processing

Data Security

ISO27001 for quality security and data management processes.
Licensed partner of the World’s leader in data erasure software All SIM cards are destroyed.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

All handsets are data erased using Blancco or factory reset – all memory, SMS, etc… cleared
Upon request handsets can be crushed if re-use is not preferable.


Reporting system linked to Check Mend – confirming make, model, IMEI and status.

we are committed to quality and brand protection

all devices are rekitted with OEM accessories

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