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Our Team

Mike Rentz

Managing Director, 

Mike has been in the communication business for the last 25 years and has built the company up from a small business into a global communications refurbishment B2C and B2B company along with his partner Tam.

Tam Rustom

Financial Director, 

Tam was a founder member of the company with Mike and looks after the purchasing, financial modelling and logistics areas of the company.

Benice Gross


Benice has worked for CAT for the last 20 years looks after the day to day accounts and human resources here at Communications and Trading.

Mark Ward

Warehouse Manager, 

Mark has worked for CAT for the last 25 years and has helped to build up the company to what it is today. He keeps a tight ship and makes sure that the day to day work in the warehouse runs smoothly.

Darren Langan

Market Research/ Product Analysis Manager, 

Darren has been working with in the telecommunications business for many years and has great product knowledge, and has a keen eye for will or wont sell.

Aaron Penfold

IT/Implementation Manager, 

Implementation of new software and eCommerce sale routes. Website/eBay content editing, promotion banners and imagery using Photoshop.

Danny Blackmore

eBay Manager, 

Danny has been working with in Customer Services for a number of years and is now in charge of all our eBay relations. Danny also liaises with a number of courier companies for fast swift delivery of products.

Philip Lesh

Customer Services Manager, 

Phil handles the day to day running of customer services department, dealing with sales, after sales support and any delivery issues which arise.

Tyler Court

Customer Service/IT Support

Tyler is the latest edition to the CAT family, Tyler works in IT support and Customer Services

Lukas Galka

Dispatch Manager/Stock Control, 

Lukas keeps the dispatch of goods running smoothly and constantly keeping his eye on the stock throughout the warehouse to ensure that stock is accurate at all times.

Adam Zawisza

Sortation Manager, 

Adam over sees the loading and unloading vehicles and stock sortation through out our 2 warehouses, separating goods for B2C and B2B production.

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